Shoplifting, vandalism and employee theft can cost businesses millions of dollars each year. However, a custom-designed video surveillance system from Alarm Computer Technology will give your business an affordable, yet effective, tool to combat these crimes and others. In addition, our video systems are an extremely useful tool in increasing employee productivity, deterring fraudulent accident and liability claims, and enhancing the overall efficiency of your business operations.
Our digital systems utilize DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) that are custom-built on our premises according to the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Some features of the ACT-Series DVRs include:
  • Advanced search and playback options that will save you time and money. You can search files by a specific date, time or camera and select multiple playback speeds.
  • Object search allows you to search for objects or movement in a particular area of the image.
  • Object counting feature allows you to count the number of items passing through a pre-defined area.
  • Round-the-clock motion detection, alarm activation and scheduled recording modes.
  • Remote live monitoring and access to recorded video and audio files utilizing an Internet connection or modem-to-modem communication, allowing you to see what's happening even when you're not there!
Above is an example of POS transaction data displayed on an ACT-Series DVR interfaced with the store's cash registers.
                                                       Please see below for more information about our video products.
In addition to our Digital Video Recorders, we carry an extensive line of fixed, covert and 360-degree pan, tilt and zoom surveillance cameras; CRT, flat-panel and LCD monitors; and VCR's, video switchers, quads and multi-plexers. Whatever your needs or your budget, we will design the right system for your business, utilizing only the best equipment available today!

Please don't hesitate to contact us today to see our state of the art technology help your business security and peace of mind grow!


Center V2

The Center V2 software can be installed in a remote computer or server and brings multiple ACT Series Systems together in an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control.

The Center V2 can manage up to 500 ACT Series Systems and receive video images from up to 800 channels or cameras in one central location. The Center V2 can be utilized as an off-site back up that will record all pre-defined events. For example, it can be programmed to start recording automatically in the event that the burglar alarm is activated at a local site, thereby storing the data remotely so that it is available even if the local DVR is stolen or damaged. It allows users to define alert conditions of their choice. For example, you may choose to be alerted of all point-of-sale transactions. When an alert condition occurs, the Center V2 receives live images or event messages with attached video clips from the local systems, allowing you to monitor or view the events instantly from your central location.

The system can also send the subscriber an SMS message when a pre-defined condition occurs, ensuring that the operator is notified of all events of interest even when away from the Center V2.

Control Center

With the Control Center, multiple ACT Series Systems can be managed and maintained from one remote location, ensuring they operate properly at all times. 

The Control Center provides a remote DVR function that allows the remote user to take full control of a local DVR System. The local system's specific settings can then be configured or changed from one single workstation. The Control Center includes a Matrix View, a single display where video from up to 64 cameras can be viewed simultaneously. It allows the user to define specific groups for viewing. For example, all sales counter cameras or all office cameras from multiple locations can be viewed as part of a group. The Control Center supports up to 4 Matrix View displays with 256 cameras running simultaneously on four different monitors. Each Matrix View allows live monitoring, recording and video playback from your central location. The Remote View Log function allows the Control Center to play back and store all video archives from multiple local ACT-Series Systems. Events of interest can be saved to the Control Center for future retrieval.


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