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Video Surveillance For Businesses

Protect your business and increase efficiency with a GeoVision commercial video surveillance system. High-definition video provides crystal-clear evidence in the event of shoplifting, employee theft, inventory damage, or accident. GeoVision systems also provide helpful analytics, like people-counting that lets you monitor your store’s traffic to calculate conversion rates and improve your staff scheduling.

Protect your business from losses and identify areas that need improvement with a GeoVision commercial video system.

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Here are some of the available features of a GeoVision video surveillance system:

Shoppers see a live view of themselves on a screen, which strongly deters shoplifters.

Get alerts when voiding items, cancelling orders, or checking specific items. Transaction log allows you to quickly view video footage of each transaction.

Measure foot traffic on an hourly basis to calculate conversion rate and adjust staffing to match customer flow.

See “hot” and “cold” areas of the store to assess the effectiveness of merchandise displays.

Complete protection, total peace of mind

A high-quality commercial video surveillance system protects your business against shoplifting, vandalism, employee theft, fraudulent accident & liability claims, and other crimes that could potentially cost you thousands. We will fit your business with an affordable, custom-designed security camera system that utilizes DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) with state-of-the-art features to ensure complete protection and efficiency.

Commercial Video Surveillance System Features
Search files by a specified date, time or camera and select multiple playback speeds
Search for objects or movement in a particular area of the selected image
Count the number of items passing through a predefined area

Activate alarms and get alerted when movement is detected

Access video and audio files from your computer when you aren’t there.

Commercial Security Camera Installation

We carry an extensive line of surveillance cameras for businesses to ensure that each client can find the most effective security solution for their needs. We carry fixed, covert, 260-degree plan, tilt and zoom security cameras. We also carry CRT, flat-panel, and LCD monitors for viewing your security footage. ACT custom-designs our commercial surveillance systems to meet your business’ budget and requirements. Contact us today to find out how affordable it would be to fit your business with the best surveillance equipment available.

Retail Solutions

Enterprise integrated data and video

Improve operations and drive profits with a system that quickly and efficiently monitors activity in your store and reports helpful analytics back to you; the March Networks Retail Solutions system. This system is a collection of products custom-built for retail stores with the intention of helping business owners reduce losses and better understand customer behavior.

Here are some of the available features of the March Networks Retail Solutions system:
Monitor transactions and review simple exception-based reports for rules you define. Easily analyze video for specific transactions.

Measure customer flow, conversion rates, service speed, and more.

Monitor your video on the go from your mobile device.

24/7 Network Operations Center will remotely monitor your systems

For a line of products designed to help retailers detect and report on losses, improve operations, enhance safety, and support IP video migration strategies, contact ACT today and get a quote on March Networks Retail Solutions video surveillance system.
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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

ACT provides everything you need to keep your business safe from break-ins and theft.



ACT provides everything you need to keep your home or business safe from break-ins and theft