Making College Campuses Safer With Smart Surveillance Practices

Almost every college campus has some kind of video surveillance system installed, but many of them are not optimized and most are under-utilized. Theft, vandalism, assault, and other crimes take place on college campuses on a regular basis. Proper surveillance practices not only deter these crimes, but also offer evidence for law enforcement. There is also the possibility of a serious safety threat, in which the effective use of video surveillance could potentially save lives. Here are some tips for making your college camper safer with security cameras:

Place Surveillance Cameras At All Entrances and Exits

It’s imperative to place security cameras at all entrances and exits, not only to individual buildings, but to your entire campus. Having high-quality footage of every vehicle that enters or exits school grounds will surely come in handy when an incident occurs. This is especially true when non-student residents of the local community commit crimes on campus (a concern that many universities struggle with). These camera locations could also increase the efficiency of your transportation systems by helping you identify late buses.

Whether they be educational facilities or dormitories, every individual building on campus should install video surveillance cameras at entrances and exits. Make sure you choose high-quality cameras and keep these areas well-lit, so that your video evidence is useful if authorities need to investigate an incident.

Make Surveillance Cameras Noticeable

Security cameras aren’t supposed to be secret spy devices; they’re meant to be seen so that they can deter criminals. Assess problem areas where vandalism, theft, etc. tends to occur. Place obvious surveillance cameras in those areas. As an inexpensive addition, signs that indicate the area is under 24 hour surveillance will also help to reduce crime. Don’t underestimate the value of visual cues that make offenders think twice;

Put More Emphasis On Parking Lot Surveillance

Damage to vehicles and property theft from vehicle break-ins accounts for a significant percentage of campus crime. Parking lots are also common places for altercations and assaults to occur after hours. Full-coverage video surveillance on all parking areas is essential to protect students and assist campus police.

Work With a Quality Security Company

One of the biggest problems that college campuses have when it comes to video surveillance is integrating the new with the old. Full system replacements are uncommon and proper integration takes knowledge and experience. Alarm Computer Technology (ACT), based in Massachusetts, provides expert security system installations. Contact us to make your campus safer with cutting-edge video surveillance technology. (888)-899-6768

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