False Alarms: The Security Industry’s Costliest Issue

It has been estimated that over 90 percent of alerts from burglar alarm systems are false alarms. These false alarms cost businesses and first responders an astonishing amount of money, time, and resources. Some cities have even implemented fines for false alarm repeat offenders.

They can be triggered by external influences like wildlife and weather, as well as internal influences like system updates and weak batteries. A large number of false alarms are also caused by user error, such as setting the system up incorrectly, using the wrong keypad code, and leaving a door/window open or unlocked when activating the system.

How To Prevent False Alarms:

  • Thoroughly Train All Employees: Thorough training can offset the human error factor. Ensure that all of your employees are trained on how to enter/exit the building without triggering alarms. Also, train employees on how to disarm/cancel a false alarm.
  • Identify and Eliminate Potential Triggers: Motion detectors account for the majority of false alarms. Motion detectors can be set off by a number of non-threats. Displays and advertisements that hang from the ceiling a prone to sway if there’s a draft in the building, triggering motion sensors. Window curtains and blinds are also notorious for causing false alarms.
  • Integrate Analytics: New software integrations collect data that can be helpful for preventing and reducing false alarms. Innovated software solutions can identify alarm patterns and provide insights into why false alarms occur.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance: Your security systems should be tested and maintained on a regular basis. Routinely check and replace batteries and have your alarm company test/service your system.

If you want to prevent false alarms, the best thing you can do is to have your systems installed and regularly serviced by trained professionals. Alarm Computer Technology services homes and commercial properties in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We provide high-quality burglar alarm systems and maintenance services that keep your property safe with maximum efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our innovated security solutions. Call (508) 678-6800

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