Innovations In Low-Light Camera Technology Are Making Surveillance More Effective Than Ever

Innovations in video surveillance technology over the last few years have made low-light cameras much more effective than they previously were. Low-light surveillance cameras used to utilize monochrome or black and white video, with external LED or IR lighting to increase visibility. The video produced this way was very flat and low-quality. Cameras today use higher-frame rates, higher resolutions, and other advancements that produce better results in low-light and reduce or eliminate the need for additional LED lighting. Cameras can even provide color images in low-light these days.

Low-light surveillance solutions are available in a range of prices, so the technology is not out of reach for security directors with smaller budgets. Increased detail in footage from dark areas can be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations. It increases the effectiveness of motion sensor and video analytics technologies. When the camera is able to produce a better picture and provide more detail, the other technologies that work with it are able to perform better. Better low-light cameras also make it easier for human security personnel to analyze surveillance video.

When you need a surveillance camera that is going to perform well during the day and at night, you should work with a security systems integrator to find the right one. Before you purchase and install them, test security cameras in the environment they will be used in (or a similar environment). You may be impressed with a camera’s daytime performance, but disappointed when the lights go out.

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