Residential Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems


Complete fire protection systems
for Residential Homes

ACT supplies residential fire alarm systems to homes across New England. We are widely recognized for our superior engineering and design capabilities. We carry a full line of the most modern and effective household fire alarm products and perform expert installations of all types of fire protection systems.


System Sensor CO1224 Series Carbon Monoxide Detectors With RealTest Technology

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that can’t be seen or smelled. It can build up in the home due to the use of fuel-burning appliances like gas stoves and ovens, furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, etc. The CO1224 Series detectors use the most accurate and reliable electrochemical sensing technology to alert you at the earliest signs of potentially dangerous CO levels in your home. The system comes with:

  • 10 Year End-Of-Life Timer
  • RealTest functional Testing Capabilities Using Canned CO
  • Code-Required Trouble-Relay
  • Versatile Mounting for Wall & Ceiling

Equip your home with state-of-the-art Carbon Monoxide detectors by System Sensor to give your family the most reliable protection from CO.

System Sensor i3 Series Home Smoke Detector System

Protect your home with the latest photoelectric smoke detection technology. System Sensor’s i3 Series is the ideal smoke detector system for residential homes because of its easy and inexpensive installation, testing, and maintenance. Featuring:
  • Plug-In Design, Easy Installation
  • Remote Maintenance Signaling When It Needs To Be Cleaned
  • Instant & Precise Detector Sensitivity Testing
  • Built-In Test Switch

To protect your home and family from the threat of fire, the i3 system is the most reliable and efficient option available. Contact us today to request a quote.

Residential Fire Alarm System Services

All residential alarm system installations are completed by our own team of National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association certified technicians. To ensure that each job meets our standard for quality, we test all equipment both before and after installation. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect what you’ve worked for. If you want a customized security solution that meets the unique needs of your home, contact ACT today.

Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Maintenance

24-hour fire alarm monitoring

Additional Environmental Detection
Systems For Businesses

  • Carbon monoxide & gas detectors
  • Low temperature warning devices
  • Flood sensors
  • Low oil sensors
  • Burner control devices
And More!
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Residential Fire Alarm Systems

ACT supplies residential fire alarm systems to homes across New England.

Residential Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Gas detection technology targets carbon monoxide and ignores other airborne substances and environmental variations. We offer 24-hour carbon monoxide alarm monitoring for homes to ensure that emergency help is alerted immediately when unsafe CO levels are detected.

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